Thursday, April 3, 2008


hey hey hey !!!

Wow has this been a busy and exciting past couple of weeks!!! WOW i am going to have to do some major backtrack... AN ADVENTURE, is to say my (and our ) Lives!!!

(and this blog will be written while listening to High School Musical!)

Well, we had the chance to go to Greenville (the 1st time) and put on a Nitro and G-swell service and it was amazing!!! Sarah lead worhsip (i BGVed) Then we both did a skit and Curt gave the message. It was awesome!! Ross is doing a great job there!!! I cant wait to go back......maybe soon....

WOW! i am going to have to say that Seacoast did a great job this Easter!!! I heard that over 14,000 people came!! WOW that is incredible to be a part of something so big! And to be able to share Christ with them is such a blessing (well Pastor Greg did most of the teaching , way to go!!! ) But I was a busy busy bee!! (and loving every minute of it!) Most of my services were spent with kidscoast playing the most beloved Character Agnes. I nerdy kidstuff clubber with great friends!

Then, during the 11:15 service at Unflitered, we did the Lifehouse Everything Skit. And I think it went great! Not only did I have a GREAT team(Eric, Sarah, Emily, Lindsey, Darrell, and Logan) that preformed it with me, the music was great too. The skit, itself, was/is powerful but when we did it, I felt that this is what people struggle with. It was so moving that during one of the practices, when everyone was beating and throwing me around, for a moment I felt that girl. It brought tears to my eyes. Sin is not only in your mind, with thoughts, but is real too. I was so honored to play the part and maybe touch some one's life, that could ultimately lead that person to have a better relationship with Jesus.

Ps. There is a picture of the skit on Pastor Geoff's Blog!!! Woot!

After a whirl wind week and weekend.... day off.. then back into it!! A Mission trip to Greenville.(YEAH!!! AGAIN!!) It was chance to do some local outreach there and bless the community. Sarah, Mel and I each took a girl from our small group and headed that way. Some of the highlights of the trip were; visiting the foster home, BOB from the soup kitchen (see pic), raps(made up!!), movies, fun, Piedmont Women's Center, Boys and Girls Club, bad map directions, skit and song, pianos!!!, Laura from the soup kitchen!, talents, chips and cookies, the one-word-make-up-the-story-car-game(shout out to BOBO!!), and THE BEST ICE CREAM EVER! (Gelato?)

This trip not only blessed the people around us but also help grow the girls we took too. All of them were wonderful and humble and had a great servants heart. It overall was a a great experience.

Above are some pics from past events!!!

Brittany :)

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